Tree service Columbia SC- Leave Storm Related Tree Work to Professionals

Trees growing into power lines are more likely to trigger power outages or ‘blinks’ in electric service. Tree trimming along overhead power lines costs tree service columbia sc $2 million a year.  tree trimming improves the electric system’s reliability.

There may be overhead and/or adjacent electrical cables, posing a threat and limiting tree-cutting options. Torn, dangling limbs may make cutting downed limbs underneath them extremely dangerous. To avoid accidents, most chain saw work on large limbs or trees necessitates.

 Tree service Columbia Sc Different types of binds can occur at different locations in wood under stress tension with chain saw cuts is dangerous and can result in severe injury or death to the chain saw operator.

 Root plates or root balls that have been uprooted are unpredictable. The roots are always anchored, and there is a chance they will drag the stump and root ball back into the hole if there is enough tension.

It could return to the root hole at any time, trapping something nearby underneath it.

When Tree service in Columbia’s workers is using a chain saw, be aware of the slope and rough footing surfaces. Keep an eye on the bar tip! Cutting branches on the ground will trigger chain saw kickback if you bury the saw bar in the dirt or reach secret obstacles.

Many homeowners who were injured while doing their own tree work were working alone at the time, which caused emergency response times and hospital stays to be much longer.

Often collaborate with at least one other person. There is someone to call for help if you get stuck or injured.

Tree Service Columbia SC – Tree trimming

Tree service Columbia SC trims trees so that the branches do not compete with the electric lines. On a one- to two-year period, trees along transmission lines and distribution lines are trimmed. The amount of tree that is trimmed is determined by how much the tree can expand before.

To keep the tree healthy, proper trimming practices recommended by the National Arbor Day Foundation are followed. Tree services Columbia SC contractors will remove the smaller branches that were cut during normal tree trimming.

 Larger branches will be cut into 16-inch to 20-inch pieces and left at the site to be used as firewood when a tree is removed. The stumps of trees are not removed. The tree debris will not be cleared if the utility trims trees due to storm damage.

Landowners will be notified two to three weeks before trees are trimmed by tree service Columbia SC. You will decide if your tree should be trimmed or removed. If a tree causes damage to electric equipment, the trees will be pruned to restore service.

Tree Service Columbia SC – Fight with Disastrous effect

When planting trees, it is crucial to consider how the tree will look once it is fully grown. Make sure the tree has enough space to grow both above and below the ground. Plant trees away from overhead power lines, driveways, and sidewalks.

Tree service Columbia that there are also underground services such as sewage, heating, and electric lines. Planting too close to your utility lines will lead to service disruptions in the future. It is the rule to call before digging. Locators label utility-owned facilities, not the water metre.

During routine tree service tree trimming contractors will take away the smaller branches that were removed. When a tree is removed, larger limbs will be cut in 16-inch to 20-inch sections and left at the site to be used as firewood. Tree stumps are not removed.






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