Tales of Symphonia trophies


Master Symphonia
You have obtained all the trophies. You are an expert in Symphonia!


Notebook Collector
You have completed the Travel Notebook! Now you must already know the true meaning of the universe.

Three Legendary Heroes
You have defeated Kratos, Yuan and Mithos in Anamnesia. What a stroke of luck.

Monster Fanatic
You have completed the Monster List! How many have you tft item cheat sheet?


My dear Colette
Colette has got all the titles. You adore her, right?

A Million Dollars
You have collected a million casino chips!

Raine, the great healer
Raine has won all the titles. It’s scary, but it can heal you.

Idol of 100
Your maximum number of hits is 100! How is it possible that your enemies even dare to try?

Stick and Ball Master
Genis has earned all titles. Fear the little brother!

True Expert
Completed the game at the “Expert” level. Were the battles epic?

Harlem Master
Zelos Zelos has earned all titles. He has bewitched all women.

Best of the Colosseum
You have defeated Garr, Farah and Meredy in the Colosseum. Very good!

Presea Total
Presea has achieved all the titles. She will continue to brandish her ax.

The Sister: Seles
You have defeated Seles, the sister of Zelos, in the Colosseum. Sisters are hard to crack.

World Knight
Lloyd has won all the titles.

Regal, the Great
Regal has obtained all the titles. All of them exude their greatness.

Igaguri style!
Sheena has won all the titles. She is the most powerful summoner who directs the protective spirits.

Abyssion Hunter
You have defeated Abyssion. Take it now!


Sylvarant completed
Lloyd and his group have reached Tethe’alla.

Hesitantly Chosen
Colette has collected 10 titles. She is not always distracted!

Cooking for the first time
You have cooked for the first time. Don’t worry about the disaster. Keep setting yourself challenges!

You have executed a mystical art for the first time. Win with elegance!

Joint Attacker
You carried out a joint attack the first time. They were all in unison!

Presea 10
Presea has achieved 10 titles. It looks like a girl.

Hard Fists
You completed the game at the “Warrior” level. I challenge you to play at the “Expert” level next time.

Zelos Impact
Zelos has achieved 10 titles. It’s a machine!

Celebrate 100!
You have fought 100 battles! Don’t let your guard down.

Celebrate 1000!
You have fought 1000 battles! There is no end to the fighting!

Love me tenderly
Your maximum number of hits is 10! Work side by side with your friend and blast the enemy!

Regal’s Weapon
Regal has earned 10 titles. You just have to see your abs.

Ten times Summoner
Sheena has earned 10 titles. Mysterious in a psychopathic way?

Kratos, the gentleman
Kratos has achieved all the titles. He is a hero for everyone.

Raine, Healer
Raine has collected 10 titles. The teacher may be a little scary, but she has a heart of gold.

Xolotl of the Underworld Assassin
You have defeated all 3 Xolotl of the Underworld. You could open a store with all their swords, but it would be too much work.

100 hours
You have played 100 hours! Thank you very much! (I hope you were really playing.)

Universal Knight
Lloyd has collected 10 titles. He’s won a lot as a swordsman, but does that mean he’s good?

Stick and Ball Apprentice
Genis has earned 10 titles. The stick and the ball are divine.

Tethe’alla completed
Lloyd and his group can now move between the two worlds.

Derris-Kharlan completed
What is this tree called?

Hours of Blacksmithing
You have upgraded a weapon for the first time. Useless weapons do not exist.

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World trophies


The true dawn of the new world
You have obtained all the trophies. It really is the dawn of a new world!


Master Capture
You have sealed pacts with all monsters. You are the king of the monster world.

Gatoz? Gatoz.
You have completed the “Treasure Hunter Trophy: The Truth”. The truth is “meow,” meow.

Gladsheim Hunter
You have conquered Gladsheim. You are a true warrior.

Return to Normal Level
You have completed the game at the “Unknown” level. What have you seen in the unknown?


Hit Emperor
Your maximum number of hits is 100! Now that is passion!

I’m Emil
Emil has got all the titles. It doesn’t hurt at all, does it?

Expert to Expert
You have completed the game at the “Expert” level. Surely you can also do it at the “Unknown” level.

Monster Idol
You have won the monster battle in the Colosseum with a special combat. There are tons of special banners!

Chosen in the Colosseum
You have won the individual battle in the Colosseum with a special combat. There is no doubt that you are incredible.

Monster Professor
Completed the Monster Book. Now you must know everything about monsters.

Super Marta
Marta has achieved all the titles. Now you know what true love is.

ending You have completed the story and obtained the “true ending”. The journey continues.

By the way …
You have seen all the sequences. You are a true artist of conversation.

Night Party
You have won the group battle in the Colosseum with a special combat. To celebrate!


Let’s go in unison
You executed a joint attack for the first time. Keep going so!

You have executed a mystical art for the first time. The time has come to fight back!

You have synthesized for the first time. Let’s update your belongings!

You have changed
Your monster has transformed for the first time. It’s a new start! Yes.

Light and Dark
You have completed Chapter 4. But the journey is not over yet!

Tomorrow’s Footsteps
You have completed Chapter 3. I think I already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Ultimate Joint Attack
You have executed an Ars Nova, Emil and Marta’s special joint attack. You’re on fire!

Novice Walker
You have fought 100 battles. Keep on fighting.

Wandering Eternally
You have fought 1,000 battles. Fight today, fight tomorrow.

I have prepared my first meal
You have cooked for the first time. There is always a first time for everything.

Hit List
Your maximum number of hits is 10! You are showing your love for combos.

The truth hidden behind the mask
You have completed Chapter 5. Get some rest.

You have completed Chapter 2. Let’s move on, Emil!

He is Emil
Emil has achieved 10 titles. He seems to be doing well.

You have played 100 hours. Yes really. You’ve done it.

Dark Premonition
Completed Chapter 6. I believe in you, Regal.

The World in Discord
You have completed Chapter 1. Let’s start as friends.

Returning Memories
You’ve completed Chapter 7. I’ve long hated Lloyd, but now …

You have sealed 10 pacts with monsters. Be good to them.

Eternal Union
You have completed Chapter 8. The final battle against Richter.

Great Collector
You have sealed 150 pacts with monsters. Are you having fun?

Okay, Phoenix.
You defeated the Phoenix. But he is a phoenix, so he is not really dead.

Marta in love
Marta has achieved 10 titles. She is a 16-year-old girl in love with love.

Bad Ending
You have completed the story and obtained the “bad ending”. Are you sure that’s what you wanted?

ending You have completed the story and obtained the “normal ending”. Does your heart resonate?

Hard is Hard
You have completed the game at the “Warrior” level. Surely you can also do it at the “Expert” level.