Having good ideas for real estate is not always a simple task. After all, just a good idea won’t necessarily add up to something if it’s not tested and put into practice.

At least, this is what the vast majority of entrepreneurs take into account to, in the end, say: “this was a good idea”.

However, when it comes to innovating and improving a sales process or system, the path may be a little different. Here, we can use good ideas that somehow already worked for someone.

Relying on tested and validated fundamentals is not a shortcut. But it’s a way of not wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel.

That’s why, in today’s text, Blueworld City will take you to explore some good ideas for real estate, so that you can increase your performance in sales, internal processes and team management. Come on?

Real Estate Ideas – What Can You Do to Sell More?

Of course, it would be great to have a step-by-step or practical guide on what to do to sell more in less time. But actually, it doesn’t exist.

After all, the sales process can be completely different from one real estate agency to another. Because selling a product is a human process. And, as you know, human processes are not just about the hard sciences.

Having good ideas for real estate, then, is one of the ways you can look for innovations and explore the creativity to develop less bureaucratic and more incisive processes, according to the objectives of your business plan.

And to help you clear your mind a little more and think “outside the box”, we’ve separated a list with some important items to consider when increasing sales.


  • Digital Positioning for Real Estate Agents – How Can This Help?
  • Try marketing actions that generate empathy – Forget the “buy, buy, buy”;
  • How about holding alternative events in your city to capture prospects?
  • Real Estate Email Marketing – Are You Using It The Right Way?
  • Lives on social media can be a great idea to set yourself apart;

We’ll talk about each of these items individually from now on. Follow along to understand everything and, who knows, start putting them into practice today.

Digital Positioning for Real Estate Agents – How Can This Help?

One of the most important things these days is to have a good online presence, regardless of your industry. And it’s no different in real estate.

Whether you are a self-employed broker or even own a real estate company, be aware that being online is essential to deal with competition and, thus, prosper.

But being online can also mean a series of questions related to what to do, what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to build a digital real estate effectively so that, in this way, it can be in the palm of your hand and in the pockets of your potential clients.

To help you, see here what to post on each social network . This ensures you have a plan of action to get the best out of your online presence.

Try marketing actions that generate empathy – Forget the “buy, buy, buy”

One of the ideas for real estate that can make the most difference in your sales is the “marketing actions” factor. Especially with the arrival of the internet, a lot has changed to make marketing more assertive.

However, the fundamentals always end up persevering and remain intact. And one of these fundamentals of marketing is empathy .

Empathy is one of the most powerful tools you can tap to create more persuasive and heart-touching messages.

After all, this is a way for you to tell your prospects that you understand them, know what they need, and will help in the best possible way. Often this is all they want to hear/read before buying.

Forget the marketing actions that say that your product is the best, that the best discount is your real estate company, that the prospect needs to buy if he doesn’t miss the chance, etc.

Try to guide the strategy a little more to the emotional side, trying to understand consumer behavior and, therefore, impacting them in a different way.

How about doing alternative events in your city to capture prospects?

We know that launching real estate is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers. Be it from a new venture, or be it the relaunch of a slightly older venture (yes, this is also possible).

And this could be one of the real estate ideas you’ve been looking for to improve your sales and increase your revenue.

But what if you innovated and decided to make even more alternative events in your city?

For example, you don’t necessarily need to post a property. But yes, you could make a cocktail to discuss the needs of a certain target audience. This is a great opportunity for you to network, understand consumer behavior, etc.

Or, you can combine a launch with some type of alternative event, such as a party or a get-together on an important topic for the community.

Whether it’s a football tournament, where the winner gets some incentive for a purchase, or a traditional local party, where you can set up stands or presentations about an enterprise. Content events like lectures and workshops can also be a good idea.

The tip is: try to think alternatively. Get out of the real estate and real estate bubble and see what you can do around it all.

Real Estate Email Marketing – Are You Using It the Right Way?

Email marketing is not going away, as many people imagine. And even less, losing strength.

What ends up being left out by consumers are low intrinsic value emails. In other words, simply sending random emails, with random subjects and random offers, doesn’t make sense.

Therefore, investing in quality and high value-added e-mails can make your real estate company take a big leap towards strengthening relationships with prospects and customers.

Use the tool as a tool for close, personal and human communication. Use here, too, empathy . If you are present and interested in the prospect’s life, it is much better than trying to sell all the time.

Send tips, tutorials, news, summarized news and within your real estate niche , etc. Make prospects on the list actually want to open the email you send. And don’t send it directly to the trash.

Here’s how to use email marketing to your advantage.

Lives on social media can be an excellent idea to differentiate yourself

One of the most successful ideas for real estate today are the famous social media lives . Have you thought about doing them?

This is a tool capable of generating a lot of empathy and, of course, strengthening relationships in an incredibly lasting way. People prefer to watch a live event than a recorded video.

Take advantage of your range of followers to be able to interact in a more human and personal way. Prepare valuable content that can, in fact, add to people’s lives.

Opening the camera simply to want to sell a property at all costs will certainly be something to be discarded. But, opening the camera to show a property up close can be an excellent idea.

In addition, you will be able to prepare practical classes on mortgages, on how to own a cheap property, on how to deal with tenants and many other things.

It’s up to your creativity to understand your target audience to, with that, create valuable content that they really want to consume.

The Key Steps of a Real Estate Sale – Make Sure You Do It

Having good ideas for real estate is certainly something that can make you sell more in the medium and long term. But, what could you do to be closer to a sale, using your creativity?

To help you, we have separated a list with some important items that relate to an effective sales process.

The idea is that you can think about these fundamentals. Thus, your reasoning and brainstorming can be much more guided towards a clear and specific objective – selling! See below:

  • Listening more than talking – Capture all the information you can;
  • A product is a problem solving – What are your prospects’ problems?
  • Generate anticipation on a release – Then exceed those expectations;
  • Use mental triggers to get your prospects’ attention;
  • Invest in copywrite copywriters – Persuasive writing;

To understand each step, read on.

Listening more than talking – Capture all the information you can

This is an old saying, but it makes perfect sense, especially from a marketing point of view: “we have two ears and one mouth to talk less and listen more”.

Listening is perhaps one of the most amazing tools of any marketing action. Because you’ll be able to do exactly what your prospect wants – and punctually get each action right.

When you listen to your prospect, you’re giving him a chance to say everything he’s looking for and what his pains are. And this is an excellent opportunity to, of course, generate business opportunities.

So, place a lot of value on listening and you’re sure to get good ideas for real estate, focusing on more sales.

A product is a problem solving – What are your prospects’ problems?

To move to this second step within the sales process, you cannot skip the first step. After all, how are you going to know and understand your prospects’ pains without listening to them?

When your focus is on trying to solve a problem and creating the “cure” for it, you are certainly on the right track. After all, this is the purest summary of a product – it solves a customer’s pain.

For example: those who buy washing powder need to wash their clothes. Dirty clothes, in this case, are a problem. Washing powder, solving this problem. And in the real estate segment, the same situation occurs.

All you need to do is understand these problems and offer the best solution. The sale will happen naturally.

Generate anticipation on a release – Then exceed those expectations

real estate launch is one of the most effective tools of selling a property. Because when the launch is done well, it will generate a lot of emotions and arouse a lot of interest in the prospects. And this will end up generating sales.

And one of the ways to further leverage the launch itself is to generate very high expectations, which make prospects say: “I doubt it!”.

And then you must work to break these expectations in a way that is irresistible to potential customers.

Expectation is one of the most amazing mental triggers you can put into action. And speaking of mental triggers, let’s better understand how they can be part of the sales process. See below.

Use mental triggers to get your prospects’ attention

Using mental triggers is one of the best alternatives to capture attention and make a sale in a professional and natural way.

The right triggers can trigger desires and make prospects understand that they have a specific need. And, of course, the product must be available to meet this need.

There are many types of mental triggers you can use in a creative process. Here are some of them and how to apply them correctly:  10 Best Mental Triggers for Realtors.

Invest in copywrite copywriters – Persuasive writing

And finally, one of the ideas for real estate that can make all the difference in your sales process is the hiring of copywrite professionals. This writing technique allows for persuasive writing that will actually make people buy your product.

Nowadays, with the internet more and more widespread in the world, consumer behavior will be increasingly focused on digital. And for that, you need to adapt the format and language to, in fact, sell more.

Count on Ville Imob to help your real estate grow, with the help of dedicated tools and software and good sales!