Our work is scattered around the areas like Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio, Mancos or Cortez, and  La Plata County region. We here at M&R Plumbing Durango take our work very seriously. Our work is not just a work for us it is like a way of helping people making them feel safe in their houses. We at M&R Plumbing Durango offer services like cleaning of the drainage pipes, the cities’ main sewer lines, toilets drains, shower drains, etc. As we have said before our experience is of 3 decades so there isn’t any problem that we can’t deal with. We are a licensed, insured company we when work, we work with full preparation and zeal i.e. don’t let any loopholes which could disrupt our client’s work in future. We give guarantee of our work and the full responsibility if something goes wrong. In short, we are the best there is with experience and high-tech machines. Yes, you have heard right we use all types of machines necessary to get our work done whether they are traditional like that of sewer-snake equipment or heavy machine-like hydro-jet whichever means necessary we took to get things done peacefully and smoothly. Firstly, when you call us, we inspect the place through our in-pipe video inspection equipment which tells us exactly the problem we are dealing with here and to eradicate that we then adopt the following measures. It is preferred that when you feel blocking or the water is flowing slowly then call us immediately because this could save you not only money but time also. You won’t have to go through the stress of tension etc. your work will be done before it became a big problem for you. We work 6 days a week including Saturdays and beside this, our emergency hotline is available 24/7.

The choice for the Plumbing Problem

We now have a choice i.e. through our inspection we come to know exactly what’s going on with-in the pipe and now it’s up to us that whether we replace it or repair it. It’s up to us most of the time we prefer to repair it because it not only costs less for the client but can be repaired easily i.e. if the toilets tend to leak then they can be repaired with the help of changing the faucets or the cartridges. But sometimes things have lived their life-span and they need replacement now. So, in such conditions without delaying much we tend to replace the item as soon as possible so that our client feel happy and satisfied with our work.

We promise you that when we are doing work you won’t see any sort of surprises. Everything will be mentioned before and an agreement will be signed between both parties so incase anything which is not mentioned before appears then M & R Plumbing Durango is responsible and vice versa. We hope that working with us would be a pleasure for you.