Just like there many benefits of using mobile applications, there are some disadvantages too. One of the main issues of free downloaded apps, is advertisements, those advertisements which pop out often. This issue makes a negative impression on the user of the app, giving him or her option to either delete it or patiently keep on using it, as sometimes it is the only option left for them. In this article, we will discuss the cure of this issue in the form of applications like lucky patcher.

For the users, developers have developed such tools which let you gain control over your android applications.

Requirements to download such apps:

Sometimes there are specific requirements to download certain types of apps. So in order to use regarding apps, you must have your android device rooted. This can be done through tools such as Kingroot.


It is also important to know about the working. Once you start the app after it is downloaded on the device, you will start seeing a list of different applications downloaded on your android device. Alongside, people can

interesting apps

see options which they can perform.


Developers add those features, which usually defines application themselves. Following are some of the features which apps like lucky patcher offer:

Moving app feature:

Through this feature, a person can move apps from the internal storage of the phone to the SD card. So that your mobile storage can be free.

Backup feature:

Keeping track on the backup of the device is also essential. So be aware, from this feature, people can make a backup of their data, apps, and app’s data, for further future use.

Application Cloning feature:

This is an interesting one, as, by it, a person can clone his or her mobile app.

Ads removal feature:

As mentioned earlier, many people want to get rid of frustrating apps, but cannot do it due to lack of info. So let us come straight to the main feature, ads removal. Through this, a user can make all the annoying and disturbing ads. Go away. Also, for more info, keep in mind people; you can remove any type of ads.

Some more information:

Following are some more information discussed, regarding our topic:

  • These types of apps offer many types of tools, but for being on the right side, kindly do not download and use such apps, which are used for; hacking, stealing information and are not safe.
  • Above mentioned features in the article (mentioned under feature title), may differ from apps to apps.
  • Make sure your device has all the requirements to download such apps.
  • If you are downloading apps from external sources, kindly do not forget to check out the security of that source.
  • Don’t go for anything illegal.
  • If you have any confusion regarding such apps, kindly read descriptions and watch a video guide (if there is any).
  • If you have chosen the right app, you can get relax in this regards. But if you haven’t, simply uninstall that app and look for another one.