Each house requires special attention to make it a home. This attention can be given by housekeeping. It is the organizing, cleaning, and performing the maintenance tasks of a home in an efficient way, which is either done by family members in the form of chores or a professional housekeeper is hired. Every house has different needs of housekeeping depending on it’s built and what the house contains. The standard of housekeeping depends upon the suitability of the family and their needs for cleanliness. Nowadays, it is also part of hotels, offices, shops, etc. for keeping the room clean and equipped.

Job Responsibilities of a Housekeeper:

The housekeeper cleans the area to give a fresh and comfortable space for its residents. Following are some of the responsibilities that a housekeeper fulfills:

  • Tidying up the rooms
  • Making beds and changing bedsheets
  • Dusting and polishing the furniture and fittings
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning the toilets and sanitary item

    House Keeping

  • Washing and drying the clothes
  • Ironing the clothes
  • To keep the kitchen area neat and clean
  • Polishing and cleaning hard floors

Emptying trash, washing the windows, keeping the bathroom stocked and reporting any necessary repairs are also part of the housekeeper’s job.

Skills a Housekeeper should Possess:

No such academic qualifications are required for housekeeping, but a housekeeper needs to be trained and experienced to become a good housekeeper. However, some basic skills include:

  1. Punctuality and time management so that the person could reach its a destination on time
  2. Good communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Knowledge and experience with several cleaning products and tools
  4. Motivated and self-directed
  5. He/She should be a good listener so that he/she listens to the instructions properly
  6. The housekeeper itself should be neat, clean and well dressed

Types & Importance of Housekeeping:

There are two types of housekeeping:

  1. Domestic housekeeping which means the cleaning and tidying up of the house. The areas it covers are a bedroom, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, and the surrounding areas.
  2. Commercial housekeeping means the maintenance and cleanliness of hotels, offices, resorts, etc. The areas in the commercial area include hallways, corridors, guestrooms, stairways, and its surroundings.

Housekeeping is an essential part of our lives and unavoidable work at home. With housekeeping, the house will be cleaned all the time, giving a healthy and neat environment. It will also be a safer place for children with dust and allergy free surrounding. In the commercial area, housekeeping will benefit by convincing the customer to visit the place again and again.


In short, the main and major function of housekeeping is to ensure that the surroundings and environment are comfortable enough for the family at home and the guests in the hotel and other commercial or industrial areas. It makes the area pleasing for the people by simply ensuring that they have the comfort and security according to their needs. To have secure, safe, clean, tidy, and hygienic space housekeeping is a must!!!