More than 97% of e-merchants have set up profiles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram …) and share buttons are flourishing on all online stores. So simple fashion effect or mandatory passage for your shop?

Being present on the networks, is it really useful for your shop?

A traffic acquisition channel and a source of revenue

Consider some numbers on social networks:

The Canada spend an average of 1h30 per day on social networks

Facebook is used by 28 million French people who spend an average of 55 minutes a day. Twitter has 2.3 million users. YouTube brings together 25 million active users.

We can see that today they have a prominent place in the lives of Internet users. By allowing you to communicate about your business and reach a specific target, social networks are a way that you cannot neglect to attract more traffic to your website (and therefore mechanically increase your sales).

They also play an important role in motivating the purchase of your customers with the recommendations of their community. In fact, 42% of French people say that social networks have an influence on their purchasing behavior.

Finally social networks like Instagram can allow you to increase the rate of transformation of your shop. You can develop rich interactions with your consumers. If you learn how to take advantage of it, they will help to retain your current customer base and redeem it on your site through new products or services, promotional offers, etc.

A vector of notoriety

The role of social networks on your brand image is paramount. It is vital in the process of reassurance of your customers to take it into account, especially if you are a TPE or a little known SME.

Being present, communicate, federate the largest community possible will be a pledge of seriousness for your potential buyers who will be less reluctant to place an order on your online store.

The potential of virility, which is the very principle of functioning of social networks, offers you a way to significantly increase qualified traffic to your e-commerce site. You can even opt for a reward strategy from customers who will share their opinions or recommend to their community.

A way to manage your customer relationship

You also have everything to gain by creating profiles on the main social networks to manage your customer relationship. Today, social networks are places of public speaking on which internet users no longer hesitate to express their opinion, and sometimes their dissatisfaction.

It will be more constructive for you to propose to your customers an official place on which to express themselves: you will be able to concentrate on the same page all the positive opinions but also to reassure your potential customers while taking care to treat the negative opinions or the reassembles customer. Keep in mind that even if you do not want to be present on Facebook or another network, this will not stop your consumers from expressing themselves on your brand. You can also take advantage of its feedback to identify the weak points of your shop and implement corrective actions.

Know that a dissatisfied customer whose problem you solve is likely to become one of your best ambassadors.