Sikkim state is a small state of India. The population of Sikkim state is very low. The Sikkim state was founded by the Namgyal Dynasty. The state is a piece of art. And you will see beautiful mountains, hills, charming birds and amazing cultures. So, if you are planning to visit this state then we have some suggestions for you. Here is a list of places that you should visit in Sikkim.

Yak Riding

It is always fun to ride on animals. I am sure you will be a wonder to hear that ride a yak? Yes, you can ride a yak in Sikkim state. These yaks are very beautiful with long shinny horns and long hairs. And Yaks are also decorative to look more charming and friendly. If you are in Sikkim state, then you must go to Tsomgo Lake and enjoy a yak ride with your family.

Touch the Clouds with Paragliding

Are you a thrill-seeker? If your answer is a yes then this thing is for you. In Sikkim, you can enjoy the paragliding as well. You can imagine the level of thrill and adventure when you jump from a height of 2000 meters. You can see mountains covered with snow, and you can see frozen lakes from the sky. And this is what you must be looking for. In Sikkim, there is also a festival for paragliders. If you are a glider then you should visit the state on that annual festival.

Rafting in Rivers

After touching the sky, now it’s time to float on water. So, Teesta is the place where you should go for rafting.But be careful, because rafting in Teesta can be dangerous if you are not so experienced.

Flight in Cable Car

So you are affectionate with flying cars? Then you won’t you try cable car in Sikkim state? Believe me, this flight is as amazing as it feels to read. You can see the prettiness of the city while sitting in a cabin. If you are visiting the state with your family then this is the best thing to do.

Shopping in Sikkim State

This would be so odd that if you visit the Sikkim state but did not buy anything from there. Yes, Sikkim is a state of art and love. People of this state are so talented.This is the reason that you will see so many amazing pieces of art and handicrafts in this state. Some of the most popular arts and items of this state are: Bamboo made items, handmade carpets, their traditional clothes, idols, decorative cups, and handcrafted blankets.

Final Words

It is true and a fact that visiting the Sikkim state is fun. You will also learn about different cultures, festivals, and traditions. Along with all these things to do in this state, one of the very popular thing about this state is Sikkim State Lottery. Tell me your story about fun in Sikkim state in the comments. Share your journey with us. Thanks