We all acquaint that life has its own ways to sneak up on you with a few less than welcoming news when you least anticipate it, and it has never been more right than where your automobile is concerned. Having a healthy, working car is a need these days, whether for your everyday commute, for your school run or your job. The final thing any of us require is an unanticipated breakdown or expensive repairs. With the saying prevention is the better than cure in mind, we have compiled a list of a few warning signs to assist you to evade a surprise breakdown and expensive repairs!


Any leaks under the car are a sign that the vehicle requires to be serviced ASAP particularly if the leaks keep going on. You can tell the car is leaking from drops when you move it from where you normally park it. Search for a dark stain of transmission oil, engine oil, or brake fluid leaks towards the vehicle’s front or any strange leaking from your vehicle exhaust pipe.

Abnormal Vibrations:

Keep an ear and eye out for shudders and vibrations that aren’t down to the road surface. These can be caused by something as simple as a slack piece of plastic, but it can also be caused by some extra serious failings like damaged tires that maybe need balancing out or even a slackening of a bearing or weakening in a joint.

It is something that’s best not left to identify yourself unless you can certainly see and recognize the problem with no question. In the majority of cases, it’s always wise to get it checked by an expert, even in the case of finding out a less threatening cause for the vibration, it’s significant to have it resolved properly to evade any knock-on effects.

Flashing Engine Light:

If the warning engine light to be found on the dashboard of the vehicle is flashing, it’s a sign of a major issue with one of the systems of your vehicle. If the warning light is blinking, you might have to get the vehicle serviced instantaneously, but if it’s merely light, then you ought to book the car in for a service to get its engine checked out early on. Flashing light can be a sign of a serious issue like a transmission breakdown.

Poor Fuel Mileage:

When you feel like you’re getting fewer miles out of a gas gallon yet, you frequently feel your gas tank frequently, and you’re driving the same distance then the vehicle might be experiencing bad fuel mileage. A decrease in fuel mileage denotes the vehicle isn’t working as efficiently as it has to. It can be owing to the improper tire pressure or a sticking pad and is an indication that the vehicle requires some servicing before a much shoddier issue takes place.

Automobile services are the basic part of looking after the vehicle and require not to be demanding or exorbitantly costly. So, if any of such indications fit the vehicle’s recent behavior, it just may be trying to inform you that it is now time for some servicing.

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